ClickFunnels Review Plus $21,469 Mega Bonus

ClickFunnels Review 2019  –Are you looking for more knowledge about Clickfunnels ? Please read out my honest review about  Clickfunnels Review  before choosing, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it worth for your time and money?

Clickfunnels Full In Depth – OVERVIEW

1.Creator:- Russell Brunson
3.Launch Date:- 2014
4.Launch Time: 9am Est
5.Official website: Click Here
6.Front-End Price:- $97 – $297
7.Bonus:-Yes, Huge Bonuses
8.Skill:-All Levels
9.Guarantee:-14 Days Trial
10. Product Niche- Sales Funnels Builder
11.Support:-Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
12.Recommend:-Highly recommend!

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What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is cloud based software created in 2014 by Russell Brunson, a worldclass entrepreneur who has changed the way most businesses today look at business and marketing.
More than just a simple landing page software, Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder that makes it easy for anyone to list, sell and deliver their products online.
Unlike a website package, Clickfunnels provides you with the marketing tools that make it easy to customise your designs with its drag and drop builder, no coding needed!
This means you don’t need to wait for someone to build you website for you.
If you know how to use Facebook, you know how to use Clickfunnels!
While sales funnels have been around for a long time, Clickfunnels has created a new movement that has made it easy for anyone, of any skill level to create something amazing.
You can use Clickfunnels to build:
Landing Pages
Opt In Pages
Squeeze Pages
Membership Websites
Webinars and automated webinars
Sales Funnels with Upsells
Normal Business Websites And Blogs
Pretty much any website that you can think of, you can create it in Clickfunnels.
This is what makes it so great.
The drag and drop editor really makes it simple for anyone to get started with pre-load beautiful templates or you can start from stratch
Below is a demo inside clickfunnels dashboard

Just like others I have been using ClickFunnels in my business to build funnels and profits. I was using another software and struggling, they were very hard to use and not user friendly at all. I’m not saying these were bad programs, they just weren’t the right fit for me.

When transferring to ClickFunnels my sales almost doubled! I found it very easy to build a funnel from scratch and you can even share it with friends! We all know how much time it can take to build a funnel. When using ClickFunnels you don’t need to worry about that because it’s really easy to just import a funnel and start working on it.
Make the move over to ClickFunnel or get started with ClickFunnels if you don’t have a business yet! Help ClickFunnels change your business just like it did mine!
ClickFunnels™ Pricing
ClickFunnels™ has two subscription options ranging from $97 to $297 per month depending on the features of each plan. The main
differences between the ClickFunnels™ pricing plans are the number of landing pages and sales funnels allocated per month.

Standard ClickFunnels Plan – $97

This plan is great you’re just starting out starting at only $97 USD per month. This plan has a limit of 20 funnels, 100 total pages, 20,000 visitors per month and 3 custom domains. This is generally fine for most people. Something worth mentioning is you can actually send more than 20,000 people total to the pages. We have never had an issue with sending more than that before!
ClickFunnels Platinum (Previously Etison Suite) – $297
You get everything mentioned above but unlimited. The primary difference between the standard plan and the ClickFunnels Platinum suite is the number of Sales funnels, Actionetics (email autoresponder), Backpack (affiliate program) and Landing pages allocated each month. Pricing for this Etison plan is $297.
As of September 2019, you also get access to Funnelflix with BOTH shared and Platinum plans.
What Is ClickFunnels Platinum?
You know, there’s two different tiers inside of click funnels right now you can pay, if you pay $97 a month they get access to ClickFunnels, and there is a tier $297 (Etison) which gives you access to a whole lot of cool stuff.
You get unlimited funnels on your account, you get user accounts, you get a whole bunch of amazing things on the Click Funnels side and Russell thought
How about this. anybody who’s a who’s a ClickFunnels Platinum members,
What if we get an access to almost all these trainings down below for free? 
Now what’s interesting is you look down below, you’ll see a whole bunch of different training courses down below courses that Russel sold in the past for anywhere from $500 to $1,000.
You’ll see live events idea that people pay $10,000 to be in the room they’re down below especially trainings that only happened for inner circle members of a $25,000 to $50,000 or more in this members area as well.
So inside of funnelflix, you’re literally getting access to things that other people have had to pay 10’s of thousands of dollars for you get for free when you Click Funnels Platinum member there’s a whole bunch of other amazing things as well so I don’t have time to go into all of it.
All we do now is go click on the videos down below go watch some of the trailers for the courses and know as you’re watching them think about like what’s the course that you’re looking for? What’s the missing piece in your business?
Clickfunnels promise you that every business question you have is answered inside of funnelflix.
Okay if you’re stuck like “I can’t get motivated How do I how do I get more motivation so I can actually succeed I can guarantee you inside Tony Robbins course he’s going to teach you exactly how to get the motivation that mindset you need to be successful.
There’s multiple different trainings on funnel building inside of there, maybe have a funnel but it’s not converting Okay, go through the training, teaching how to sell how to speak how to do videos.
Those things help you there if you need if you have funnels that work, we can’t get traffic go through other traffic trainings, healers courses in there that will help you to get your business to the next level and we’re always adding new stuff in there as well.
But the only way you access to all this stuff you can’t pay for it.
Like if you gave me money right now I wouldn’t even take it.
There’s most of these courses not for sale anywhere unless we license them from somebody else.
If you want to access all of them for free, all you gotta do is upgrade to our Click Funnels Platinum level right now not only their training courses also documentaries help inspire you get you excited about your role as an entrepreneur.
There’s again courses on everything you do every question you have in your businesses answered here inside of funnelflix.
All you gotta do is take that leap of faith and one last thing I have to say is, you know, maybe you’re looking at this like we’re also I don’t need that course of that course.
That’s okay too. There’s probably someone in your team who does maybe there’s someone your team, he wants to learn how to drive traffic, but then log into your Click Funnels account, come into the funnel flicks and watch the training on traffic.
Maybe you have a copywriter who’s trying to learn how to write better copy send them to the copywriting training, you can access to all these things inside your Click Funnels account right now when you go to upgrade now and upgrade your account

What Is Funnel Flix


What this short video below where russell is explaining the features of funnel flix


In the past, Russell Brunson and the team found that the people who have the most success are not people who just signed for an account start using it, but it is people who signed for the account, but they understand the strategy, understand funnel building, understand, well the basics like what does a funnel look like?

What is the funnel cake for my specific business? 
What are the videos and the copy and you put on the pages and how to actually drive traffic?
And then how do I get out of my own head so we won’t get stuck with the mind games that happened as an entrepreneur.
And so what they found is people had the most successful, the ones who are going and looking for, for more answers.
They were going to coaching programs or buying courses and all sorts of things. And those that people had the most success and Russell thought, “Man, there’s so many of our members who would have success, they don’t have access to all these other resources.” And so a little while ago, the team sat down said what if we could brainstorm a way to get access to all these amazing training and programs and courses and give them to our Click Funnels members for free.
In fact, some of the people you’ll see their courses down below people like Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham and other people.
Clickfunnels wants to license these courses from you and those things obviously aren’t cheap when it’s the products and services they sell every single day on their websites and so we sat back and we figured out a way to do it and if you look down below you’ll see access that you’ll see the courses you’ll get immediate access to as soon as you become a Click Funnels Platinum member. 

The platform has much material that was previously sold separately, at a higher price.

Funnel Flix was announced a few weeks ago and can be accessed from the Click Funnel’s dashboard.
Like in Netflix, new content is being published daily.
Judging from the material that is already posted, the platform is the only thing you may need to take your marketing skills to the level above you.
What is in the package?
​As stated earlier, Funnel Flix was announced as part of the Click Funnel’s upgrade.
The fact that its part of Brunson’s software upgrade means that there is much in store for every marketer out there.
If you thought that Click Funnels had made a bang in the industry, then you’re yet to witness what the newly-introduced platform has for you.
Funnel Flix has a lot of promises to entrepreneurs and marketers, although it’s new and yet to unleash its abilities.
After logging into the Click Funnel’s, you can find very informative courses that are hard to access.
The courses are usually divided among the various categories of your Clickfunnel’s membership.
For instance, for the standard plan, you will access courses such as;
30 Day Challenge Content
Money Mindset
Ad skill
Tony Robins Private Collection
Funnel Builder Secrets
ALL Affiliate Bootcamp Content
Brick and Mortar
Product Secrets
John Reese’s Money Mindset Training
When it comes to the Clickfunnel’s platinum package, you will have access to the following high-end content;
10X Secrets
One Funnel Away Challenge Content
Tony Robbins Private Collection
Funnel Hackathon
Funnel U
Agora Financial Media Buying
Traffic Secrets
John Reese’s Outsource Force
The Warriors Way Doctrine
Jay Abraham: The Anthology
Russell and his team have plans underway to have more and more courses launched on the newly-established platform.
So, you can expect to find courses such as YouTube Traffic Secrets and High Ticket Secrets on their platform. Also, the platform has hinted that the course, OffrerMind by Stephen Larsen, will be launching soon amongst their courses.
Unfortunately, most of these new courses will be featured on the platform’s platinum package. This, therefore, means that you won’t be in a position to access the courses unless you are signed up for the platform’s platinum deal.
Reliable sources have hinted that inside Funnel Flix, you will find content that can help you with your business from the start to the end. Some of the courses you should consider, as a newbie include; Business Strategies, Product Development, and Documentaries. Also, there are courses on how to jumpstart your online business and build an effective sales funnel. The fact that you can have all such content means a lot to any company looking forward to growing. What’s even good is that there will still be more content being posted on the platform.
What is the price of Funnel Flix?
By now many entrepreneurs have heard of the news about this newly-established tool at ClickFunnels.
As a result, they are always asking for the product’s price.
To access what Funnel Flix, you will have to buy or use the 14-day trial deal offered by any of the ClickFunnel’s plans.
Currently, ClickFunnels has two plans available for their clients.
There is the standard plan and which comes with a 14-day trial.
After you deplete the 14 days free trial, the plan charges $97 every month to access what it has in store.
The standard plan doesn’t have all the content you may require but is recommended for starters.
If you’re planning to go big with the marketing stuff, you can choose ClickFunnel’s platinum plan.
The plan requires you to pay a monthly fee of $297, once the 14 days of trial are over.
Within no time, the price is likely to go high, and that’s based on what Russell and his team have in store.
By signing up for this plan, you, the client, will have access to everything ClickFunnels and Funnel Fix to be specific.

Is There A Clickfunnels Discount Or Coupon Code?

What if I told you a way that you could save $47 per month from the Etison suite?
I’m sure that’s something you would be interested in.
Well it’s quite simple, all you need to do is to purchase Funnel Builder Secrets for 12 months. 
While there is a big price to pay upfront, this is actually the best deal for Clickfunnels that you can get right now!
It’s worth mentioning that there is 6 months of FBS, however you will actually pay MORE for Clickfunnels and not less. The best deal is the 12 month option. Never pay full price for a sales funnel builder again!
What is Funnel Builder Secrets?
Funnel Builder Secrets is an additional program from the ClickFunnel suite of tools that serves to teach you how to get the most out of the company’s various products. In addition to this, the tool features a number of modules aimed at training you in different aspects of running a successful business in the modern age, where ecommerce is taking over everything.
In a nutshell, you get all the insider tips, tricks and hacks that you need to survive whatever your business niche may be. In this Funnel Builder Secrets review, you’ll learn a lot more about what the package has to offer, what you have to sacrifice for it, and whether or not it is worth it in the long run.
What Is Inside Funnel Secrets?
Here are a few features of Funnel Builder Secrets and what they mean to you as the business owner whether you are selling physical products, services, information products, or more.
Masterclass Training
This is a series of training modules that are aimed at equipping you with all the knowledge you need to make full use of ClickFunnels toolset. Obviously, this is meant to enhance your experience with existing CF products you’ve purchased. The Masterclasses include training by the founder himself which ensures that you are truly getting the maximum value for your money.
Hack Packages
These are a special group of skills that you will not find anywhere else. They are grouped into different modules covering a variety of topics including inbound marketing, social media, solo ad hacks and so much more.
Here, you get to learn from Russell and other experts all the trade secrets you need mainly for the sake of running successful ad campaigns. One of the most important and relevant topics here is the social media training that allows you to gain a better understanding on how to get the most out of this very lucrative audience that so many business owners are afraid to capitalize on.
Inception Secrets Training
No Funnel Builder Secrets review would be complete without mentioning the inception secrets training. This is not only one of the most useful but also unique training model that this package offers.
It focuses on copywriting as a skill and how to protect your work online. It also covers how to write different unique scripts to reach out to your specific target audience. Your sales funnel is only as strong as your ability to convince people to buy from you. So the copywriting tricks revealed in this portion of Funnel Builder Secrets will take you far.
Access to ClickFunnels Enterprise
Funnel Builder Secrets is a ClickFunnels add-on. This means that when you purchase it, you can also add on a subscription to an enterprise level ClickFunnels account. You’ll have all the tools you need to implement the awesome knowledge that Brunson and his team is offering you.
Bonus Training
Finally on this Funnel Builder Secrets review on what to expect are the bonus training sessions. These are seasonal and vary depending on the most relevant training needs at the time. The good thing about this is that in addition to learning the basics, you get to learn how to adapt to the changing times in ecommerce.

Funnel Builder Secrets Pricing

You’ve got three pricing packages to choose from. At the time of this post, here’s a summary of what you get with each package:
An enterprise CF account for 6 months
Bonus traffic secrets
Masterclass and hacks training
12 months funnel scripts
Everything above but your ClickFunnels subscription is good for 12 month.
This saves you $997
Perfect if you are planning long term success.
Who would pay almost 6000 bucks for this? 
People who are serious about their success. That’s who.
This package covers everything in the previous one, but also includes one-on-one coaching from business strategy and marketing experts.
This focused attention allows you to address needs that are more relevant to your business.
If you want to succeed, the best way to do it is by following in the footsteps of someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve.
Don’t think of it as paying an extra $3,000. Think of it as investing (or as a Clickfunnels Coupon) in your future success.
(Not to mention that the real value of this coaching experience is almost $10,000 if you were to purchase it outside of this deal).
When it comes to ease of use, clickfunnels is begginers friendly
Some people might think it is expensive, but you need to think of the long term goals.
You don’t need to worry about:
Server Maintenance
Getting Hacked
Once you add up those factors, Clickfunnels is actually really affordable.
All you need to focus on is building a GREAT sales page for your business
(even then, they have thousands of bonus templates you can use).
It especially allows you to focus on what matters, and that’s making money.
You can add to your current website or use it as a standalone alternative.
The platform makes it easy and fast for both inexperienced and experienced internet marketers to create high conversion sales funnels.
If you do not have a website, the platform allows live sales funnel without an expense of hosting and hassle of managing a normal website.
You can also have a custom domain for every funnel you create. So you can pretty much host websites for all your ventures!

Clickfunnels FAQ

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Clickfunnels software.
Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme?
The initial question to this would be finding out if ClickFunnels is safe and we can say that without a shadow of a doubt that with all it’s users, reviews, popularity and support that it is safe.
Otherwise after being out for 5 years you would see some dramatically different results.
However with this in mind, the next logical step would be asking if Clickfunnels is a pyramid scheme? Well first of all let’s define what a pyramid scheme is to clarity how Clickfunnels fits in to all of this. Generally with a pyramid scheme or MLM, the money the company makes comes from recruiting new member and the profits essentially come from those new members that sign up. These are very much so illegal in nearly all parts of the world and work off the idea that you will earn more money for each person you involve within the scheme.
A second issue you might have is finding out if Clickfunnels is a Ponzi scheme, that being where the only way you can make money would be from involving new members and them contributing money.
I can tell you that neither of these are even close to what Clickfunnels is and offers.
The only reason these questions crop up is due to their popular affiliate program where they split an amount of the sale with the person who got them the sale. How this differs from a pyramid scheme is the money comes from outside users of the platform, NOT the affiliates. There are also talks of removing the tier 2 commission from their affiliate program to distance themselves from ever being called an MLM.
Is Clickfunnels Legit?
When you come up with a good idea and you’re looking at how to sell and market yourself online you might find yourself looking for a quality website that offers all rounded options and features. You know you will start to invest much of your time and money so it’s important to stick with a provider that can offer quality chat support and not risk losing anything due to mismanagement.
Finding out what is legitimate vs what is a scam on the internet can be difficult and we wouldn’t blame you for having doubts. As such we know one review on Clickfunnels mightn’t change your mind so we encourage you to look at the statistics.
It’s a business with over 98,570+ members and 2.5 million search results attached to its name, it also have well over 300,000 likes on their official Facebook page with a very active community.
While also operating since 2014 the founder Russell Brunson has poured everything he’s worth into the company.
Why Is Clickfunnels So Expensive?
One thing we get asked for our review is why Clickfunnels pricing is so much? As mentioned before Clickfunnels is a large company with over 100 employees and much of its work outsourced as it’s an all online company. When you pay them your money is not only used to pay these employees in areas such as support, research & development and design but also the physical cost to host your website and pay for things such as SSL security.
All of these things do add up which is why the product can remain reasonably cheap with its fixed overheads as their user/ memberships increase.
It’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed by the work involved and the cost of everything especially when first starting out and looking into starting your own website. Depending on your needs and what you’re offering will determine if Clickfunnels or a standard website is right for you.
So now it just comes down to cost. While a traditional website that runs off say WordPress can claim their CMS (Content Management System) is ‘Free’, you still need to pay for your domain name, server hosting, SSL certificate, DDOS protection, quality themes and any additional features you may want to purchase. So for the first year you would be looking at $250 – $700 worth of costs just to get it started.
While yes this is cheaper than Clickfunnels (at $97 Per month) beginner package, it is missing a lot of the piece of mind extras. It is for this reason that the claim of Clickfunnels being ‘so expensive’ comes from a place of false leads.
Why Is Clickfunnels So Popular?
There are 2 main reasons why Clickfunnels has taken over the online funnels market
Reason 1: Taken by storm
Without a doubt the most balls hit out of the park were done by Clickfunnels. It offers such a wide variety of options and flexibility to its users that it has market share by popularity alone. It is for this reason a knock on effect has taken place and now manages to market itself just by being there. It has very competitive pricing, started early on to create a good foothold and filled a gap in the online marketing industry.
Reason 2: Affiliate marketing 
Risk versus reward comes into play here as with the business model of Clickfunnels needs to determine if it’s cheaper to pay for marketing or let others market for you and pay a percentage of the sales as affiliate commission. And this is where they have managed to become so popular, where many online affiliate programs pay 1-5% of the sale to a marketer, Clickfunnels offers a massive 40% commission! With this in place it has created a very competitive market for marketers to sell the product and create the best, reliable and up to date reviews to capture the attention of potential customers.
Is Clickfunnels A CRM?
What is a CRM? A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system. Generally a CRM will have have all the details of your customer on file, how much each customer spends with your business, KPI’s etc.
Treating each customer as an individual is what a Customer Relationship Management System CRM is best for. Clickfunnels is mostly focused on front email sales.
In this case while it might seem like that its a Clickfunnels CRM, It’s not going to replace your entire business system.
Clickfunnels does have integrations to merge into your CRM of choice however. 
It doesn’t matter who you choose as a sales funnel builder, most of the time you’re going to Integrate to a 3rd party platform for this.
It shouldn’t be a purchasing decision when selecting the best sales funnel software.
Can I Use My Own Email Autoresponder?
Maybe you already have an existing email list, automations etc and you don’t want to use Actionetics, Can you use your own email responder with Clickfunnels.
The answer is yes. Clickfunnels supports lots of 3rd Party Integrations with most of the major autoresponder software.
List Of Autoresponder Integrations For Clickfunnels
Here is a list of 3rd Party Email Auto responders directly compatible with Clickfunnels API.
Active Campaign
Constant Contact
Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)
Market Hero
My Email Service Is Not Listed, Can I Use SMTP?
Clickfunnels allows you to integrate with an SMTP service to send your emails using platforms such as Mailgun, Mandrill, Sendgrid, Sparkpost.
You may be able to use other platforms, but these are just what have been tested, however i personally recommend getresponse
as i’ve recorded a full training video on how to setup your own email marketing campaign and there’s no other autoresponder
as getresponse that does this..
How Is The Support?
We have personally found that Clickfunnels support is brillant. This is however not really that much of an issue as the software is easy to use, and it is way faster to get support from one of the many Clickfunnels facebook groups.
Recently they have hired some more support staff so customer service will be going up.
This is great news for business owners.
This shouldn’t be a purchasing decision as its really simple to use and is generally not needed anyway. They also have recently been working on their own guides to help you. This is just one way they are still pushing their brand forward and making their sales funnel builder software better!.
What Is Better Than Clickfunnels?
While there are many different sales funnel builder options online you can choose from online, we still feel that no one comes close to the ease of use, community support and features. They really do give you everything you need to build a sustainable business.
If i were to switch to clickfunnels, i would have chose katra but that’s more expensive that clickfunnels.
Can I See A Clickfunnels Example Funnel?
There is no better place to see a Clickfunnels example funnel than the Clickfunnels homepage itself!
This is a prime example of a quiz funnel with micro commitments.

Here’s What You Get When You Join Clickfunnels Through My Link

What’s In It For You?
Full Sales Funnel Training  
($997 value)
Most people that ever try to promote any affiliate offers like Clickfunnels struggle to even make a couple of sales.
On the other hand, successful affiliates that make thousands of dollars per month in recurring income know how to create irresistible offers that people simply can’t say “no” to.
Inside the Affiliate Club, you will learn the step-by-step process to start making awesome high converting funnels!
This same information could potentially make you a 6 figure affiliate marketer if you put in the work and treat this as a real business.
Done For You High Converting Sales Funnel
($12,997 value)
Sales funnels are basically money machines if you do them the right way. On one side you get visitors entering the funnel, and on the other side, you make sales.
This is exactly why I charge at least $12,997 to make a high converting sales funnel. Because it can potentially make you 2X or even 3X the amount of money. Plus, you get to keep the funnel and use it for future businesses.
There is a lot of work involving the creation of a sales funnel. Copywriting, the psychology behind it, the structure, design and the workflow.
When you join the Affiliate Club, you will get to use my exact sales funnels that I use to sell Clickfunnels and other program for free.
All you have to do is click one button to download my funnel into your Clickfunnels account, and instantly start using it. This way I’m doing 90% of the work for you.
This will help you start making money while learning to master the skills yourself. After you go through the video training you will learn to create these funnels yourself for the future.
Done-For-You Email Swipes
($1997 value)

Building a successful sales funnel involves different components. It’s kind of like building a puzzle.

Part of building a sales funnel is the email sequence that you use to take people to take action and the random emails that you send to your email list.
Writing emails is not as easy as you think. It involves copywriting skills and knowing how to persuade people to take a specific action.
At this point, you might be wondering what kind of emails to write, and how to structure them properly.
When you join the Affiliate Club you will get my own email swipes that I use for my business so you can model them and start making commissions.
Rocket Traffic Generation
($997 value)

In the past years I’ve generated over 300,000 leads combining all my businesses which have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.

Leads are the energy source of every business. If you have no leads (people that go through your funnel and give you their email address), you won’t make any sales regardless if you are selling an amazing product like Clickfunnels.
When you get into the Affiliate Club you will also get access to my Rocket Traffic Generation Video which will teach you my exact advertising techniques to send people to your funnel.
6.) Leverage My Bonuses To Get Sales
($2997 value)

So by this point, I’m giving you all the cool stuff above but the key ingredient that you’re missing to have massive success is…

bonus stack to offer people in exchange for them to sign up using your affiliate link.
The difference between a regular affiliate, and a super affiliate, is that the super affiliate offers bonuses so people immediately sign up using his link.
Now, I understand that when you’re starting out you don’t have bonuses created.
So what I’m doing is for people that sign up to my Affiliate Club I will allow you to use my bonuses to help you get more people to sign up using your link.
This will save you a ton of time, energy, money and resources.
So basically you’re telling people you will give them a ton of bonuses (which are really my own), and when it’s time for you to give them the bonuses you just send them to my mastermind where they receive all the value. This is something I’ve never done before.
Private Club Facebook Group
($997 value)

This is a group of action takers, people to support each other, case studies, questions getting answered and tech support.

In the group, you will have exclusive access to me and this is for members only so it will be full of other members sharing ideas and methods!
Extra Bonus! Lead Generation Authority
($497 value)
This is a complete training course and book on how to generate leads to your funnels. This is actually created by a good friend of mine who has done millions online!
You will learn all the top secrets he’s used to build multiple online 7 figure business over the years.
I wasn’t going to give this away but Its hard not to share it!

Get Your 14 Days Free Trial

Once you sign up contact me on the email below for the bonuses!

Email : Subject: Clickfunnels trial 


Please note: The Special Bonus 120 + Ecom Funnels is available to those who purchase the $297 Plan

email me : Subject: $297 Plan

Please include your receipts as proof of purchase

Exclusive Special Bonuses For People Who Sign Up For $297 Plan


120+ actual physical product funnels (no dummy) with actual products we are testing and running traffic

In last 2 years we've tested so many dropshipping products and find out these 120 worked best and built funnel for each of these products.
Now you have a chance to grab them all and run traffic to. You have nothing to do except driving traffic.
And if you wish you could also change the product you want. This landing page style worked best for us and proven to get you the highest conversion rate.
So, What you will be getting?

It took us almost 2 years to find and built these 120+ eCom product funnel. And now you have a great chance to grab these for your own business.

  •  120+ Well researched product: We are giving you actual funnel with actual product which took us long time to find out and we only built funnel which worked good on store. Value: $2400
  •  120+ Complete Funnel Designed and Built: We've design and developed all of these content and sent millions of dollar worth of traffic to. Value: $11,640
  • ​ Copywriting: All of these funnel's are written by our team of writers and ready to go Value: $6000
  • ​Opportunity:  It's a great opportunity to take a inside look at these funnels and get ideas about whole business model: Unlimited

Limited Time Bonus ( You Will Not Get This Anywhere )

Get Your 14 Days Free Trial

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