Amazing Selling Machine (ASM 11) Review 2019

Amazing Selling Machine 11  –Are you looking for more knowledge about Amazing Selling Machine 11 ? Please read out my honest review about  Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review   before choosing, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it worth for your time and money?

Amazing Selling Machine -OVERVIEW

1.Creator:- Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback
2.Product:-Amazing Selling Machine 11
3.Launch Date:- 2019-Oct-16
4.Launch Time:-11:00 ЕDТ
5.Official website: Click Here
6.Front-End Price:- $$$$
7.Bonus:-Yes, Huge Bonuses
8.Skill:-All Levels
9.Guarantee:-30-Day Money Back Guarantee
10. Product Niche- Training
11.Support:-Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
12.Recommend:-Highly recommend!

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What Is Amazing Selling Machine 11?

ASM is a training program that teaches people how to build successful businesses selling physical products on Amazon.

ASM11 is the 11th version of the Amazing Selling Machine course created originally by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback in 2013.

I’ve been watching ASM since day one, and even before this when it was in beta and called Amazon Money Machines 😀

These guys give all members free upgrade to every new version to ensure that members are always aware of the updates in Amazon FBA as well as the ASM tactics and strategies. So when you buy ASM11, you’ll get lifetime updates of the course material (not the tools subscription, of course.)

The program is divided into 5 major components; the 8-week web class, the mentor program, the private resource vault, the asm community, and the automation tool suite. More details about these components below.

Amazing Selling Machine Review

It is time to reveal the reality of Amazing Selling Machine 11 and what is the difference between it and the earlier versions…

ASM 11 package is divided into 5 parts:

Part 1: 8-Week Web Class

This is an 8-week or 8 modules of online training that teaches you every tiny thing about the process of selling products on Amazon.

I guess you know the skeleton or the main idea of this system from the free video series (go watch them from this link if you haven’t already. You’ll get a great value).

The idea again is to sell private label products manufactured by wholesale suppliers. This means you don’t need to create products, handle them or anything as this is all done by the suppliers then all other selling processes are done by Amazon FBA. All you need to do is to pick the correct product, create your product’s Amazon listing, achieve top rankings for the selected keywords and generate more traffic.

In this web class, you will learn how to do every step of the process in detail. You don’t have to guess as the entire course is a blueprint or step-by-step action plan that starts from day 1 of the course and ends on the last day of the 8th week.

You can start with a small budget and scale everything up as you go. This training is suitable for both US and Non-US residents (International sellers) even those in the Amazon affiliate restricted states.

All the training materials are added to the members’ area as one module per week in the form of short videos with PDFs and downloadable guides (there are over 120 training videos in the members’ area.)

Click here if you want to know the curriculum of the web class in details

You’ll get FREE upgrades to every new version of the core ASM web class.

In addition to this, there will be 8 weekly group coaching calls by Matt, Jason and other mentors and successful students.

Part 2: Automation Tool Suite

This is a new addition since ASM X because Matt and Jason have finally realized that to run this business effectively you need some tools…

So they have created some software and at the same time, they arranged deals for ASM members to access some other tools free for a certain period.

Here is the software suite you’ll get access to:

Tool 1: Manage by Stats Toolset – 12 months FREE Access


This includes a variety of tools such as:

● Email automation for sending customized emails to all of your Amazon customers to increase product reviews and provide awesome customer service

● Detailed traffic and conversion stats for all of your products

● Sales and profit tracking for your entire business

● Keyword tracking to see where you rank among your competition

● Inventory tracking and alerts that help ensure you take timely action on keeping your products in stock.

Tool 2: The Brand Launchpad and Continual Sales System – 12 months FREE

This is the own platform to not only help you launch your products and get immediate sales but to also provide continual and profitable traffic once your products are up and selling.

Tool 3: The ASM Business Dashboard – Lifetime Access

This syncs with Manage by Stats. ASM team has built an integrated dashboard right into your ASM membership so that you can get all of your vital business stats in one place. You get lifetime access to this one.

Tool 4: The Ultimate Product and Keyword Research Toolset – 90 days of FREE Access


The ASM guys have worked an exclusive deal for you with Helium 10 which is used by all successful Amazon sellers I know.

This toolset will enable you to:

● Quickly identify which products out of the 500 million on Amazon match the exclusive ASM criteria.

● Validate exactly how much your competition is selling each and every day in order to validate which products are the best opportunities.

● Determine how to make your product better than your competition by seeing exactly what other customers do and don’t like about them

● Know exactly which keywords are the right ones to target when creating your product listing and planning out your product launch

● Optimize your product listings to make sure that they both convert and rank as well as they possibly can

● Determine exactly which keywords your competition is bidding on so you can find low hanging fruit for easy sales opportunities

Of course and to be honest, I don’t like that you have limited-time access to these tools, but the positive side is that you don’t need to invest in these tools when you are starting.

For example, Helium 10 alone is $197, so these 3 months cost $591. And ManageByStats tool costs $600/year. So these 2 tools alone cost $1191 which you save with your ASM11 membership.

Part 3: Lifetime Membership of an Exclusive Community

This is an elite community of people like you. People who are serious about their business.

ASM team will be available as well in this community to share the knowledge and opportunities with members.

Members of the Amazing Selling Machine community also share ideas together. There will be some motivation strategies as well.

And the best part I see in this community is that anyone who needs any kind of help, many other members and mentors jump in and offer this help in no time.

Part 4: ASM Mentor Program

The mentors are former students of ASM who have amazing success with their Amazon businesses…

Based on a recent survey, these guys average $1.8 million in sales on Amazon so you can rest assured that they know something about this business 🙂

Their role here is to help you when you need help. Whatever you are stuck with, just ask for help and one of the mentors will answer you.

And on rare occasions, if the mentor doesn’t know the answer, he or she has access to a mentors-only group where they share the unsolved issues, and the more experienced mentors will answer them.

Part 5: The Private Resource Vault

Anyone in this business will tell you that this is gold!

If you go solo, you will need to search for good services for different parts of the business, like product inspection, shipping, customs brokers, freight forwarders just to name a few…

These services are mandatory to make sure your products arrive at Amazon FBA in the best way possible. And unless you already have relations with such services, you don’t want to risk wasting all your efforts and money on untrusted services.

ASM members will get an exclusive collection of resources with their contact information…

You’ll also get discounts and extended trial periods because you are an ASM member.

Amazing Selling Machine 11 Guarantees

You have not 1 but 2 guarantees…

Guarantee 1: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This is the normal guarantee where you have 30 days after you buy ASM, if for any reason you don’t like what you get, you can ask for your money back. More details about this guarantee here.

But it doesn’t stop here…

Guarantee 2: ASM Success Promise

Follow the course and meet criteria laid out, if not happy with success they will reimburse you for ASM & unsold inventory up to $7500!

Contact the ASM support within 6 months of your purchase of ASM11 to let them know you’d like to take them up on the ASM11 Success Promise. Then, they will verify that you have met all of the necessary steps and request any additional information from you. Once verification is complete, you can expect to receive your refund of all ASM11 payments made to date plus inventory reward within 45 days. More details about this guarantee here.


ASM is the first-ever training to teach people how to sell on Amazon. Before it was released for the first time in 2013, very few people knew how to do it. But after it was released, many marketers have tried to emulate it, but they are all gone and here’s ASM reaches its 11th version.

The program has changed so much since the first version, but all the principles are the same.

In ASM11, you’ll get lifetime access to an 8-week web class which is the core training of the program. Every module is followed by a live group coaching call where you can ask anything related to that module.

Everything is added to the members’ dashboard including recordings of the coaching calls.

And one of the great advantages of ASM 11 is that you get a lifetime guarantee to get access to every future ASM online class version.

Amazing Selling Machine Pros:

Here are some things that I like about Amazing Selling Machine…

I know, it’s a more expensive program, but there are some upsides you should know about.

One of the things I loved about the program is it’s not a bunch of training material that bores you to death.

There is the main training course, and then there’s a section where members can engage with one another in the public forum. 

Community support is really important, it can provide you with an incredible boost, especially when you’re business is fresh out of the oven.

Most people start out on their own and feel like they need to do everything on their own.

It can be lonely. It can feel hopeless.

But it doesn’t have to be. 

My advice to anyone starting an online business – find a community that supports you.

I promise it will make a huge difference.

On that note, as we mentioned earlier, Amazing Selling Machine not only does group online coaching sessions (which are incredibly helpful, especially when you’re new to the scene.) but also grants you access to private product agents. Not to mention that free product selection tool.

When I first started looking for training programs on importation and selling on Amazon, I ran into a man named Skip McGrath (he’s well known as an eBay/Amazon Power Seller).

He offers a great website full of useful information as well as an in-depth training manual called The Complete Amazon Marketing System for $227.

The trade off to ASM…  It’s a book.

Very similar information, but like my friend said, he did think he would have followed through or had success using a book.

Amazing Selling Machine’s videos were the key for him.

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