About Me

Hello People from all over the World. My Name Is Mohamed Sameer Mukhtar, a 31 year old guy from Kenya.

Since you are interested to know About Me, I will tell you in details Who I am, what I do and what I have gone through in life to achieve what I have achieved today. Fair warning this is going to be very Long.

I Finished my Secondary Education in 2005, and since I had little money I started working in a Financial Firm a 8AM – 5PM Job that by then I was being paid $70 a month. With this savings I joined Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA) to learn Financial accounting which I was studying online.

Back then, I was very poor in theory reading and in 1 year I had completed only 3 papers. out of the 14 papers to qualify. Many people complete 14 papers in 2 years.

Being Online I saw an ad make “$100 per day posting emails” men on men  I got excited and joined Shoe Money System which read was $497 and today is $97. I followed the System that was basically teaching about Affiliate Marketing which was being called “Posting Emails” So following the system to setup everything to work I ended up spending another $100 by that time my Monthly Salary.

I was fortunately an action taker and blindly did as was being said without understanding why I am doing what I was doing, My drive was if shoemaker makes $100 a day why not me”

I used to sleep for as little as 3 hours putting up a system the domain I bought then I have it till date. Shoemoney system taught how to do simple affiliate marketing, and please note I am not in anyway recommending it or will be recommending it in this post. I am mentioning what I have gone through.

Simple Affiliate Marketing is CPA, Where you get paid from CPA Cost Per Action Networks that pay you when someone completes a task using a special link they have given you.

So 6 months later hard work I understood that many ways taught their would not work for me as these companies preferred to work with USA and Being stupid and not understanding I was filling my own Details and my friends and so on in the links I was to promote. To be honest I dint understand what I was doing and Shoemoney dint simplify this. so ban from CPA network and me back to Square Zero.

So 2 months doing nothing and facing my family scolding for loosing money and another Ad comes headline “Just Invest and Make 3% Interest daily” Quickly bought a $17 course which had nothing but links to several “High Yield Investment Programs” HYIP programs that I joined and invested $100 in total. I was making daily 3% and in a month I had made extra $90. Miracle I now thought I can just double my investment simple I took a $1,000 loan promising to return in a month $1,300 and having a cool $600 of my own.

So Invested $100 each in 10 HYIP programs and 15 days later I was holding some solid $$$ and then an AD comes and I invest $700 in  one HYIP that promises 4% Compound interest for 2 months. Those are good figures to be made and I ask for more time to repay the loan with a promise to pay double. So 1 month 27 days Later in my account I am celebrating I will be withdrawing some nice money and the following day the HYIP is shut down money Gone. I got scared removed all the other monies from all the investment and put it in my wallet ready to withdraw. Just then I got an email from the closed company asking me to put a code in the merchant account so that they can pay me the investment. Yes I was stupid and desperate and the money I had in the wallet also gone in seconds.

1 year nothing doing Monthly Salary $250 loan repayment $100 and family scolding separate.

1 year down I saw a blackhat forum blog post talking about making money on Fiverr. Joined Fiverr paid nothing at all copied someones description of a flippa sales letter Gig, went into Flippa and copied some sales letter that were selling websites for high prices  and started selling the sales letter for $5. No Brains of mine just followed the post and the guy who posted this had put a youtube video of Tony Robbins that was motivating and explaining why newbies fail. So with that motivation I followed.

Made my first $5 tangible online and 1 year down I had made $1,000 from fiverr and become a rated fiverr seller. in this one year I was buying fiverr courses and following through to improve.

I saw another Ad title “Lets Work Together and I will show you what I do to make 10,000 a month” Price of the program $997, I have $1,000 hard earned money from fiverr in one year. This product Is by Kevin Fahey known as Internet Marketing VIP in other words IM VIP TRAINING.

I joined $1 trial and got Kevin’s contact I talked to him explained my situation and asked him to split and Charge me $497 first month and second month the same. I knew that I would require around $200 to make everything work. 3 weeks under his guidance total made $1,300 paid and continued what I was doing rinsing and repeating and 1 year down total profits made $20,000 monthly salary $350.

With this money I Paid for my sister and my Wedding and went into sleep for  another one year enjoying married life. I went back into online Marketing after 1 year and this time on promoting a course on facebook my Ad account got banned, just then I came across a Facebook post by Scott Ralley that was titles “Do CPA with Bing Ads and Make $100 a day” On info from Scott He said its coaching and will cost $5,000 I sweet talked him and ended up paying $2,000. I had gathered knowledge from Kevin and Kevin gives access to all his training so I knew marketing and just had to learn Bing Ads.

learning CPA with Bing Ads I met Gabriel Beltran who was a good action taker as me and Scott Partnered us. We used to have weekly calls with Scott, Me and Gabriel used to Mastermind till late hours, again sleeping for few hours. Result One month down $7,000 CPA commission.

Then Scott Recommended for us to join E-Commerce  Gabriel Joined I tried but I was more into CPA and left Ecom to persue CPA marketing. I become one of the Best Affiliates for Max Bounty several bonuses and gifts from them.

With the Help of Kevin Fahey’s Product Launching I Launched “ULTIMATE CPA MASTERY” that made me $14,000 in 7 days and a customer list of 200 from which 3 people later on paid my Coaching of $2,000.

Just then I see Gabriels Post making $1,000 a day in Ecommerce and we were were back in touch masterminding learning Ecom and Gabriel giving me all the advantages of ecom over CPA. Ecom A true Asset a True Business.

3 – 4 months into Ecom and 4 figures a day.

I have since then joined several Masterminds on Marketing, I have traveled to learn and teach and I spent several thousands to learn and invest in my education. I have learnt from 7 – 8 Figure marketer like Frank Kern.

In 2017 I joined hand with Osmaan Mooraby my Business Partner. a successful Marketer who had mastered the art of marketing like me.

To date My Achievement

★★Offline I am a Financial and Tax Consultant in my Country.

★★I have Mastered Free and Paid Marketing and most of all I have been able to teach this to new online entrepreneurs. I have mastered the art of marketing and I am able to sell online.

★★I am a business consultant and I can advice on starting or growing any Online or offline business in any Niche save from the Adult Niche.

★★I have been able to have a solid online and Offline Businesses.

★★ I have Changed lives of Several people through my knowledge and mentoring

★★I am a proud founding member of ULTIMATE ECOM MASTERY an eCommerce course like no other.



★ I Strongly Believe By Helping Others To Achieve Their Success, It Will Directly Impact My Success

★ Proper Education, Honesty And Earning The Trust of Others Is The Key To Any sort of Marketing

★ Strive To Be Aware Of The Latest Developments In My Field As An Internet and Marketing Professional, Social Media Expert, and Consultant.


★Simplify marketing in a way that even a child can follow to avoid the pain that I went through.