When and How to Ask for a Discount

Most people don’t realize that you can ask for discounts at stores for things you may not have considered. You don’t have to settle for the price as listed. You can ask for a discount and get it if you know when and how.

When to Ask for a Discount


Cars – Anytime you shop for a new car you should never pay the retail price for it. The best time to shop for a new car is the last day of the month because that is when everyone is trying to reach their quotas. Consumer Reports gives great information about how inexpensively you can get a vehicle and what price to shoot for. Don’t be afraid to walk away and go someplace else if they won’t meet the price that you’ve researched.

Mattresses and Furniture – Furniture is marked up exorbitantly. The sales professional often gets as much as a 50 percent commission on any item you buy. That is a lot of discounting that can be done if you make it fast and simple. Know what you want going in, offer the price you want to pay and be ready to walk away if they won’t do it. Again, end of the month is the best time to shop for furniture and mattresses.

Appliances and Electronics – These items are often sold on commission too, depending on where you go. Usually, you will make a better deal shopping locally for these items. If it’s a fast sale, a local sales rep will be willing to make a little less money per purchase if they don’t have to work too hard to make the sale.

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