What is Online Internet Marketing? What is an Online Business?

Many of you want to make money online but don’t want to know the concept of how this money is made. What you do is see a course titled “$100 and hour”next thing is you buy a $7 dollar course and half way through reading it you get another mail saying “$1,000 and hour” and jump on that immediately. That’s not how money will be made my friend, that’s definitely how money will be lost though.


Now if you think you will make any money without literally doing anything, you are utterly mistaken. Making money online is not by luck nor by Magic. An online business is simply an offline business that runs on internet. Period.


So how can I make money Sameer?


Look, money can be made in several simple ways.


You can Sell a solid Commodity online, an online Business Model Called Ecommerce.


You Can Sell Somebodies Product or Service and make a commission out of the sale. Example: let’s say I have a car that I want to sale it for $3,000 and you have a friend who wants the car, so you come to me and tell me I have a buyer but I want a cut of your revenue and I end up paying you $200 as your Commission. Or another example: I clean cars and you bring me clients for a fee. This is what is called Affiliate Marketing. So take this Model Online on the internet and instead sell someones digital product like an ebook of food recipes for a commission. Or Sell some ones website building services for a commission this is what we call online affiliate marketing.


Now just like the way you can sell someones product or service you can own and sell your own service and make money from that. Similarly you can give commissions for those people that will sell your product or service.


So that is how money will be made there is no other way. it has to revolve around this three business models. For you to make money, some sort of money needs to be exchanged from one party to another.


Some of you who Know CPA marketing may argue, and say there is no money getting exchanged here. Well let me explain CPA marketing. In CPA marketing a product owner is basically willing to pay you to bring him someone that will be willing to take a free sample be it his product or service. So that’s how you make money with this model. The Concept behind this is the Owners pay you to get them willing buyers to take free samples in an anticipation that 1 out of the 10 you bring will actually buy the product after trial period is over.


So this are the ways you can start an online business, please note you selling the product or the service or the owner of the product or the service are both in a form of online business.


The above are the true forms of online business models I know, the rest where I am not sure how the money exchange at one point or the other is being done, I call it a Gamble or in other words a scam.


So in this Blog I will be covering several examples of these business models and how I have run them successfully and how you can too.


I have tried and simplified the marketing in a way a lay man can understand marketing and can successfully implement the business model.


If you have read my about me page then you know the pain I have gone through and sincerely I don’t want you to learn the hard way like I did.


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