How To Realistically Make $100 a day as a Newbie

I know its every newbie dream to make $100 per day, it was mine too. But before I jump into how you can make $100 per day, I want you to understand how this money is made. If you haven’t read “What Is Internet Marketing?What is an online Business?” Please do so now.


Now that we have understood how we make money lets go into making it.


To be honest making $100 a day is pretty simple and achievable but 95% fail to make even $10 a day. Now what people want is some kind of magic to happen, You buy a $7 eBook titled “Make $100 a day” and half way through, you get a mail titled “make $1,000 a day” and there you are jumping into that course to leave it half way for another title that reads $1000 and hour. That’s not how You will make money my friend but its a sure way of loosing money.


Big Surprise to you is that the same way you make $10 a day the same way you make $1,000 an hour the only different is your effort.


As you have learnt in my post, what you can sell to earn money, difference will be sell 1 ebook make $7 a day sell 1 car Make $500 a day. that’s the only difference or Sell 1 book a day make $7 a day and sell 100 ebooks make $700 a day.


Many of you will read this post and ignore coz I have made it so simple. Many of you tend to think that things have to be complicated for money to be made. If you have read my about me page, then you understand my pain and I dont want you to go through the same pain that I went through. I want to keep it simple.


Its pretty simple take a product from a a willing seller to a willing buyer online or offline sell and make money simple an easy.


The Only way to fail is when you start selling a $7 eBook about food recipes to a 35 year CEO of a car company making $1,000,000 a month and there are less chances that maybe even him he will buy it for the wife. All am saying is if you sell a needed product or service to someone who needs it, you are definitely going to make money. My Role in your life is to teach you how to get these Products that are needed and How to get these people who need the products.


So what do I recommend you doing


The Simplest way to make $100 a day is by CPA marketing, where by you give willing buyers of a product or service a free sample and get paid by the Product Owner. Do you Agree?


You can Google and Type “Top 10 CPA networks” and then go apply to promote for this networks.


These Networks will give you $4 – $12 just by giving away free sample of products or services. So for Example, you have a sample of “Weight Loss” coffee you give away for free to people looking to loose weight and BAM you make money pretty easy right?


So this is the Kind of Business I want you to start with. Now with all the Experience I have, it will be really unfair if you just make $4 per lead lets do it in a more clever way.


First Click on this and Download My Strategy Report.


Now let me Explain how this works.


As someone new to Internet Marketing, if I ask you to join a top not Internet Marketing Training for free, would you join or not? If you said Yes then thats the sample I am giving to you, and guess what? They me $4 just because I have given you a sample of their training.


So chances are you will like the training and you will want to give away to another newbie to make $4. To do so, you will need online business tools.


This is what you will need:-

A place to send the people so that they join you so that u get paid the $4 – So you will require a domain and a company to host that domain so that it is live for the world to see.

An Autorespnder – to send emails to the people who join you,  on your behalf even when you are asleep. I am sure you dont want to be doing emails manually, to people who will join. You will be dead if you email 1,000 emails per day.


So you will need to buy this and guess what, by you buying I will make 50% of what you spend.


Next what will happen is someone will join you and will require the above tools, when they Join, you will be paid $4. By youey  giving away the training for free. When they buy the tools you will make 50% You see pretty simple right.


Now we don’t stop at that. I have additionally structured a nice strategy report, plus made a nice professional website, that you just joined me through, or if you haven’t you will join me through it.


I will give it to you, I have done all the hardwork for you and all those who will join you, so in order to use this, you will require to buy this tool we call click funnel. When you buy I will get 50% of the money you spent, similarly when someone buys using your recommendation you will make 50% of what they spend.


To make everything very sweet I will teach you how to get these new comers to the business, like the way you landed on this page.


I hope you have understood what we are doing here and you are understanding marketing and how easy it can be.


Let me know in the comments below if you understand this and see the potential of marketing. You can connect with me from the various methods you have on this website.


Talk Soon







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